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I love to eat delicious food and I’m lucky to live in the great city of Austin, a place with many great options when it comes to healthy dining.  I feel like it’s pretty easy to stick to a healthy diet when I’m cooking and eating at home, but when it comes to going out with friends or my hubby for date night, I tend to splurge a little.  I thought I would share with you some tried-and-true places in Austin that make eating out guilt-free a little easier:

  • Uchiko – I am sure you’ve heard that this is best place in Austin to eat. Let me tell you: it really, really is.  Responsibly fished seafood is hard to find and this place has it, along with lots of fresh produce and flavor galore. Go for their social hour to make it more affordable, but it really is worth every dime.
  • Hopdoddy – Best burger you’ll ever have.. I am obsessed! While not everything here is organic, at least they have hormone & antibiotic-free meat as well as lots of local ingredients.  I also LOVE that they have flouride-free water.
  • Tacodeli – Incredible tacos for breakfast and lunch. They have a great commitment to using locally-sourced organic produce, meat and eggs. Also, the best queso ever (I won’t judge you for trying it)!
  • Trace – Perfect place for date night!  They use seasonal, locally-sourced organic ingredients in their ever-changing, seriously yummy menu that will give you a taste of Texas.
  • Hillside Farmacy – Cool, old-fashioned pharmacy decor paired with delicious food from local farms.  I almost always try one of their specials and have never been disappointed here.  Their homemade soda cocktails are some of my favs.
  • Urban: An American Grill – Not your typical hotel restaurant, this modern place has innovative farm-to-table options.
  • The Steeping Room – My favorite place for lunch!  Tons of healthy options, especially conscious of those with food allergies.  And their tea menu is out of this world!
  • Eastside Cafe – Fresh, organic produce fills the menu – you’re eating right out of the garden here.  And it’s totally affordable too.
  • Wink – Cozy, romantic restaurant + a cool wine bar.  Their menu changes daily to reflect the most seasonal ingredients.
  • Lick – Ice cream is my guilty pleasure, and I have found the best. Their “honest” ice cream is home-made with organic, local dairy and no preservatives, corn syrup or artificial flavors.  They have amazing, unique flavors to choose from, with many seasonal options.  Currently in love with: S’more Meringue.
  • 24 Diner – I love breakfast food and they have some of the best in Austin.  Plus, most of their food is farm-to-table.
  • Green Pastures – French-inspired cuisine made with local ingredients.  Old Victorian mansion is the perfect place for a girls lunch. Say hi to the peacocks roaming the lawn!
  • Carillon – Beautiful food near my favorite university.  Perfect date night before a walk around campus.
  • Promise Pizza – A great option for those football Saturdays, nights you need delivery, or just crave pizza. Their organic pizza is delicious, plus you can get gluten-free crust.
  • Beets Living Foods Café – Everything is made with raw, living foods and is surprisingly delicious. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone and try lots of new things!
  • Mother’s Cafe and Garden – I’m no vegan, but this vegetarian place is great place to get your veggies. Their flavorful veggie dishes didn’t make me miss meat.
  • Olive & June – Beautiful venue, interesting food and seriously refreshing signature cocktails.

Austin has an ever-growing abundance of great new places to try and it’s impossible to keep up.  Here are a few I’ve heard have fantastic healthy options that I’ve yet to try and really want to. Husband, take note:

Fellow Austin health foodies, what did I miss on my bucket list?  And more importantly, who wants to join me for dinner?

Update 2/21 – Part 2 of this list continued here!  Plus, if you want to get an idea of what’s near you, check out this Pinterest Map I created of all the places above and follow my board for more ideas to come!


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  1. Awesome Christine! As a matter of face, we’ll be in Austin this weekend for a wedding. Do you have any plans on Saturday for brunch or lunch? =)

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