Essential Oils: Where to Start

You’ve probably seen it all over social media… people are obsessed with essential oils.  Personally, I was really skeptical of the whole essential oil thing for awhile, but let me tell you: I tried them and I am now a believer!  They really are amazing and have helped me achieve better health naturally and safely.

If you’ve been wanting to try essential oils and just aren’t sure where to get started, I thought I would help provide a quick guide for you.  It can be a bit overwhelming sorting through all the information – what company to choose, what oils to start with, how to use the oils, and the list goes on.  I’ve done tons of research and I’m here to help!

What Kind to Buy? Does Brand Matter?

I’ve learned from experience that brand really does matter when it comes to the effectiveness of oils.  I’ve tried several brands and now only buy from a couple of companies I know sell pure, high-quality oils that actually work.  Many cheaper store brands use chemicals (in growing, distillation or bottling) or add filler oils and fragrances to the bottle.  Even if they claim to be “pure,” unfortunately, they often aren’t.  Young Living became my favorite company because they own their entire process from Seed to Seal – they grow the plants on their own farms (pesticide-free), distill and bottle the oils themselves.  I trust their oils to be safe and therapeutically effective based both on my research and personal experience.

What Oils to Try?

With hundreds of essential oils and blends to choose from, trying to figure out what to try first is probably the hardest part.  Here are 3 options for getting started:
  1. Free Sample – for my friends in Austin, I’d be happy to share a few drops of one of my favorites as a sample if you’d like to try something before you take the step to purchase.
  2. Try One or Two – Young Living has a product website where you can choose to purchase oils directly just like you would for normal online shopping.  You will pay full retail price for the items (unlike the option below), but you still get fantastic quality for the price.  Click here to create a Retail Customer account and then find products to purchase.
    • Which Oil(s) to Choose: I am happy to make personal recommendations based on what you’re looking to use it for – maybe you’re looking for something to help with allergies, with headaches, for energy, for non-toxic house cleaning, stress-relief, skincare… the list goes on – you tell me what you’re looking to tackle naturally!  You can comment on this post, use the contact form here or email me at healthyhopefulblog(at)gmail(dot)com.
  3. Start with a Starter Kit (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) – Young Living offers a discounted Premium Starter Kit for $160 that includes a selection of 11 bottles of essential oil that are some of the most-used, plus a diffuser that allows you to use the oils aromatically. It is a great deal worth over $300 and gives you the ability to try all different kinds of oils. See below for a list of what’s included.  BONUS: this option also gives you a Wholesale Membership, which gives you 24% off retail prices for future orders. Here’s the basics of what is means to be a member:
    • No minimum order or pressure to purchase – You don’t have to purchase anything after your starter kit if you don’t want to (though I bet you will!).  There is no fee to keep your wholesale pricing active; you only need to spend $50PV on products each year to keep it.
    • Compensation as an Independent Distributor – When you sign up for the wholesale membership, it automatically enrolls you as a distributor. There is no obligation to sell oils, but if you’re looking for some extra income, there are ways to receive compensation for sharing oils with your friends.
    • Optional Essential Rewards Program – Your membership gives you the option to set up a monthly order through this program. It’s totally optional to participate, but each order does earn you points towards free products and you also get reduced shipping rates.

New Starter Kit

How to Purchase a Starter Kit & Get a Wholesale Membership
Click here to start then choose “Member” like the screenshot below.  My member #2343919 should already be filled in as the person who referred you. Thank you for supporting this blog!
Sign Up as Member

Next, enter your personal information.  Since being a member allows you to sell and receive commission, it will ask for your social security # for tax purposes only. The site is secure.

Then, choose the “Premium Starter Kit”

It will then give you the option to choose an essential rewards kit – you can skip this step for now and select “No, thank you.”  It’s better to sign up later if you are interested – feel free to ask me about the details.

Enter payment information and shipping details and submit!  In just a few days, you’ll receive your essential oils.  Plus, since you’ve signed up for a membership, you’ll also get these awesome resources to help you learn how to use your essential oils:

  • I’ll add you to a private Facebook group where you can participate in a community that shares and gives you a place to ask questions and learn how to use your oils from other experiences
  • You’ll have access to FREE webinars and classes that will teach you how to use the oils effectively
  • And I’m here to help – feel free to ask me any questions you have and find a list of my blog posts on essential oils here

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. I am not a doctor and any tips I share are not meant to diagnose or cure disease; I am just sharing ways that these oils have helped me personally.

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