Thrive Market: My Autoship Items

I’ve been a Thrive Market customer for years… when you buy high-quality products & mostly organic, value is essential. It’s been awhile since I shared some of my favorite products to order from Thrive Market (see previous posts- Thrive Market: My Favorite Deals and Thrive Market: Favorite Toddler Snacks)… And as they have come out with more of their own branded items that are super budget-friendly, there is so much more to share.

Plus, now they have an Autoship feature that automatically applies an additional 10% discount (!!) on items, and you can edit dates at any time + set frequency for individual items. Just before my ship date, I add whatever else I need to the order or delay the things I don’t need to restock.

Today I’m sharing what you’ll find in my Thrive Market Autoship Cart. If you want to try it out, get 25% off your first order from Thrive Market using this link!


I’m sensitive to garlic, but tolerate this!!
For when I do bake +
morning oatmeal
to refill my pepper grinder
one of the few pre-made without garlic
Einkorn flour is such a healthier choice when you do need to use flour
For my morning coffee
Ground beef + this yummy sauce = dinner
perfect for stovetop + baking
Recipe coming soon that uses this unique ingredient!
Spaghetti and lemon shrimp scampi are go-to meals around here
My favorite with Italian sausage or fresh basil pesto
the BEST salsa ever and
it is garlic-free!
to refill my salt bowl


Thrive doesn’t carry the dark chocolate chips, but those are also a snack-staple in our house



We are big fans of gummies over here! I’ve always struggled to take vitamins because they make me nauseous, but these are great. The Calm gummies have made a big difference in my daughter’s sleep too!

For post-workout, to have on hand during illness or just those days I need an energy boost. This electrolyte drink mix gives you the essential minerals without the extra sugar.

What’s your favorite Thrive Market find?


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