A 2017 Recap

2017 was quite a year… my life completely changed upon welcoming our baby girl.  I am loving being a mama!  I haven’t had as much time for blogging this year, but surprisingly I’ve gotten more traffic than ever to this site this year.  Thanks for sticking with me and reading!  In case you missed any posts over the past year, I’ll do a quick highlight here…

The year started out waiting anxiously for my daughter to arrive, giving birth, navigating breastfeeding and life with a newborn, and figuring out how to survive be a mom.  Most of my blog posts this year were focused on parenthood, as it has been quite all-consuming lately.

I’ve only shared two recipes this year, though you see more on my Instagram stories if you follow me. One was for an easy household hack and another for the quickest, yummiest weeknight dinner – those save me as a working mom!

Lastly, I started a series on sharing various health stories.  I’ve shared a lot of my own, but I am so encouraged by hearing how others find hope in tough diagnoses or lack there-of.  I hope you have been encouraged also!  I would love to continue this series next year, so please let me know if you have a story to share (anonymously or not – I am more than happy to plug your personal blog!).

Wising you a healthy & hopeful new year!  May the Lord bless you abundantly!



*Photograph by Jessica Doffing Photography



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